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ArcGIS Desktop Training

Learn to use ArcGIS

This two-day robust course provides hands-on experience together with a conceptual overview of ESRI’s ArcGIS software. The course teaches basic ArcGIS functionality and enables participants to quickly take advantage of the software’s powerful display and analysis capabilities.

You will learn how to:

  • Display and query all types of geographic data.
  • Analyse your data to discover important information
  • Use coordinate systems, particularly the GDA.
  • Map features from GPS coordinates.
  • Create maps.
  • Symbolise and classify data to discover new insights into your data.
  • Integrate data from a variety of sources.
  • Create and edit your own geographic data.
  • Work with a variety of databases.
  • Increase you skills and value to your organisation

Course Features

Made in Australia

Many specialist software courses are developed in the USA.  Our course has been built for Australian conditions.  Rest assured that we do still adhere to the usual ESRI training standards.  The course also appeals to a broad cross section of users from Botanists to Engineers.


This course is for those with little or no desktop mapping or GIS experience; however, registrants should be familiar with Microsoft Windows.

Learning Methods

  • Instructor presentation of topics, concepts and techniques using slides and live demonstrations
  • Practice sessions; each student receives a work book that guides them through realistic ArcGIS activities.
  • Questions and discussions.

Experienced Trainers

Our trainers have over 10 years of experience and work with GIS every day, they know how to apply the technology to a variety of situations.  You can use us to bounce your ideas and help you better understand the software in your situation.

Added Value

Course participants will receive one month of free telephone support on the course material.

What our students say

David Seymour, Mineral Resources Tasmania:

“Fast learning, excellent course”

Andy Baird, Greening Australia:

“As a teacher and workplace trainer, I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the training – the environment was also excellent, thank you”

This ArcGIS course is a stimulating and rewarding experience. There is a good mix of instructor presentation and practice sessions so that you can make the most of the two day course. The atmosphere is informal and friendly providing the ideal learning environment.

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